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Al Fakher cigarettes

Today it is hard to find a person who has never heard of the product of Al Fakher. Currently Al Fakher Tobacco For Trading and Agencies Company Ltd is boldly ranked number one world leader when it comes to the production of flavored tobacco. Smoking Al Fakher

The products of this company may be found in 35 countries and 4 continents. The spectrum of the issued product is simply unbelievably massive! The merchandise is supplied with 46 different flavors. No other company has been able to achieve this diversity in selection. The headquarters of this company are located in the emirate of Ajman of the United Arab Emirates. Over the course of the last year the Al Fakher company has improved on their tobacco production technologies, having introduced cutting-edge equipment and having completely automatized the manufacturing line. These changes allowed the company to achieve the following results:

  • 1) Consistency in quality. Each unit released is accompanied by unchangeable quality, whereas manual labor leads to change in quality in different batches.
  • 2) Precision in mass. In the past the manual labor did not make it possible for precision to achieve such great heights.
  • 3) Perfection in packaging. The pack is not only attractive by the way it looks, but it guarantees a complete airtight packing of the tobacco product.
Al Fakher

The premium class product of Al Fakher is legitimately considered to be the best there is: it is well soaked and finely cut and contains truly magical taste qualities. Nobody can be indifferent to the mildness of taste, the lightness of flavor and the richness of smoke. Whoever tasted the product manufactured by Al Fakher will forever remain its adherent.