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Marlboro promoted the best motor racing brand

October 30th, 2015 00:00

Merchants planning a trip to selected Dhamecha and Bestway shops appreciated a first-hand experience of one of the world's best motor racing brands, Ducati, courtesy of the world's leading cigarette brand, Marlboro.

The promotion came across a Ducati bike in-depot from the 3rd August for 5 days to inform of two Philip Morris bargains. Bargain one is 'Buy 5 Outers of PMP and receive £15 off' trade offer of which one Outer must be Marlboro Touch. The second bargain is 'Buy 1 Outer of 12.5g Marlboro Gold Roll Your Own and receive £5 off.' This comes after a profitable trade campaign using a Ferrari in Dhamecha Hayes and Bestway Abbey road depot in July.

Marlboro Promotion of Ducati

Marlboro Touch, formerly named as Marlboro Gold Touch, now has a soft touch pack and firm filter preserving the regularity with the most the Marlboro collection. The firm filter makes it possible for adult smokers a cleaner way to butt out their cigarette, and also providing a feeling of quality, without affecting taste.

Marlboro Touch gives one of the highest PORs* in its price segment, so this definitely is a must-stock cigarette brand, in accordance with Philip Morris.

Marlboro Gold Original rolling tobacco, which uses the finest tobacco available and is offered in a premium quality tactile pouch, multiple layered for freshness has a 12% POR* making it a must-stock for the trade.

Tobacco retailers who participated in the promotion were entered into a draw to win Moto GP tickets. There also were instant prizes to win. Point of sale material and pop-ups drove retailers to the activity in-depot.

"These Marlboro products have excellent PORs for the retailer and the high speed promotion will stand out to customers with a great offer on product and the chance to win a once in a lifetime prize," Jerry Margolis PM Sales Director.