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Marlboro releases new packaging with Pro-Seal concept

February 7th, 2017 00:00

Philip Morris (PML) has released a special product element for Marlboro, created to provide the premium cigarette brand with an edge in the plain packaging environment.

Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Silver Blue Kingsize 20s now offers ‘Pro-Seal’ concept to increase freshness.

Marlboro Pro Seal

The new style includes new concept with a spherical cornered look to guarantee maximum freshness, guaranteeing to keep the last cigarette as fresh as the first.

‘Pro-Seal’ accomplishes this by changing the foil wrap, which adult smokers tear and throw away, with a seal that reseals the pack every time it closes.

PML UK and Ireland managing director Martin Inkster said: ‘Pro-Seal’ is a feature exclusive to Marlboro.

“It aims to help retailers sell more Marlboro products and retain their premium profits and adult consumer base. Heading to the Tobacco Products Directive and plain packaging when brands need differentiation more than ever, this innovative feature reinforces the premium quality of the brand at a time when all of the packs in the market go plain.”

The exclusive Pro-Seal aspect is designed to set Marlboro aside from its competitors in the premium segment, assisting merchants promote more Marlboro products as well as maintaining their premium earnings and adult consumer base.

“Pro-Seal will set Marlboro apart from its competition, strengthen Marlboro’s brand credentials and most significantly, contain the world’s best-selling cigarette range, keeping every cigarette as fresh as the first,” Inkster added. Pro-Seal is being corresponded to merchants via Philip Morris Limited’s countrywide field sales force.