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Most Selling Cigarette Brands 2011

July 4th, 2011 09:03

At present smoking has become very popular mostly among adults ranging from 20 to 45 years. Despite the fact that smoking is considered an unhealthy habit in certain communities it reflects the status symbol.

Nowadays you can see a lot of people who are addicted to smoking. Well these were some common facts, but let us switch to the main topic and namely the most popular cigarette brands in the world.

There are thousands of cigarette brands in the tobacco world, but some of them are the most popular due to their premium quality and other particular features. British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company are undoubtedly the largest cigarette manufacturers in the world that produce those brands that conquered the whole market.

Marlboro Gold Touch

1. Marlboro

Probably when someone talks about cigarettes, the first brand that comes to mind is certainly Marlboro. Marlboro is the most popular, leading and qualitative brand of cigarettes known and preferred worldwide.

For the first time it appeared in 1924, and since then they have become the top selling fags in the world. Marlboro cigarettes are considered the symbol of America and for certain are associated with cowboys. Philip Morris International is the manufacturer of this brand, producing a great variety of Marlboro cigarettes.

Winston Classic cigarettes

2. Winston

Winston cigarettes were introduced R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company in the cigarette market in 1954 and became the first filtered fags in America.

After a big popularity in US where Winston occupied the first position within six years, it became a global brand preferred by many smokers all over the world.

Camel FF cigarettes

3. Camel

Camel is probably the oldest cigarette brand in America manufactured by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1913 and since then it has become the main rival in the cigarettes market.

Camel as well as Marlboro, is considered the symbol of America. Currently there is a significant variety of Camel fags, popular in such countries as: Canada, Japan, USA, South Africa, and many others.

L&M Mixx cigarettes pack

4. L&M

L&M was established in 1953 by Philip Morris International and gradually became one of the leading smoking brands in the world. It is a rather popular brand in many countries due to its affordable price and best quality.

Although Philip Morris didn’t spend much on the advertising L&M popularity reach every part of the world. Nowadays this brand is available in various sorts.

Dunhill Fine Cut Dark Blue cigarettes

5. Dunhill

Dunhill cigarettes are considered the luxury smokes and are produced by British American Tobacco Company. Although they have a high price, they are still one of the leading fags in the world.

They are mostly sold in Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Middle East, New Zealand and in many other countries.

Red and White American Blend cigarettes

6. Red & White

Red & White is a low cost brand manufactured by Philip Morris International. It has a pleasant quality and is very popular among the lower middle class people.

Red & White is available in various varieties and is primarily sold in Europe and Asia.