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Simple Ways to Stop Smoking

August 23rd, 2012 00:00

Smokers complain it is impossible to quit, is it really so?

quit smoking

Yes, for some smokers it can be quite difficult. However, there are some simply, universal steps that help to get rid of the nasty habit, without unwanted weight gain and struggling from cravings – the main obstacles that refrain people from trying to quit.

First of all, lets discuss the mistakes smokers make when they decide to try giving up smoking.

Avoid these common mistakes when trying to stop smoking

  1. When you have made up your mind to quit smoking, don’t do that straight away. Your body is addicted to nicotine, and immediate quitting would result in hard-to-bear nicotine cravings.

  2. In case you have indeed abruptly stopped smoking, avoid eating sweets, chips and other unhealthy snacks, as this is how most of smokers gain weight when they go smoke-free. In addition, eating sweets won’t benefit your health as well.

  3. Do your best to avoid thoughts about smoking, and everything associated with it.

  4. Avoid reading or listening stories about how difficult it is to quit smoking, and especially the stories where smokers were unable to succeed. You need a positive attitude!

The Attitude is Vital

If you decided to try giving up smoking, you should get a positive attitude and belief that no matter how hard it will be, you will succeed.

Smoking is a habit, and much of the addiction to cigarettes is in our mind. Smokers admit there are some “necessary cigarettes throughout the day, like the morning cigarette, which are an essential part of smokers’ morning rituals, like coffee, shower and breakfast.

Thus, it is vital to set up a mental strategy, before you start your way to become tobacco-free.

What you need is to remember once and for all that you are quitting smoking, not taking a break from it. Avoid thinking about the difficulties you will have to overcome, and instead, think about who amazing and healthy will be your life without smoking.

Stop smoking gradually

The step-by-step method is very effective.

Well, different people smoke different amounts of cigarettes and at different times. Yet, there are some universal steps that can help anyone to become smoke-free gradually.

Here is the example:

If you smoke a pack of 20 Marlboro Red cigarettes a day, start with reducing that number by 5 cigarettes, keeping your most important puffs, such as morning, coffee, lunch, night, dinner cigarette etc.

Next week try to reduce that number again by 5 cigarettes, smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

stop smoking

During the third week, switch to another brand of cigarettes. Keep in mind it should contain less nicotine. For example, if you smoked Marlboro Reds, switch to Marlboro Ultra Light.

In the fourth week, turn to very low tar cigarettes, like Parliament One, Kent Infinia or Winston White – they all contain 0.1mg of nicotine. And reduce the number of cigarettes smoked each day to 5.

During the last week, keep only the morning and the night cigarette. When puffing your last cigarette, realize that you tomorrow you will wake up smoke-free, then extinguish it and go to sleep.

Advice: If you have a brand, which tastes awful to you, switch to during the first two weeks. It will make you want to smoke only when your body and mid screams for a puff. Though, switching to weaker cigarettes is a more effective method, this one works for some people as well.

You will see that you won’t meet any harsh withdrawal symptoms, as you are quitting gradually. But in case you feel some, resort to fruits, preferably berries, and they will help you beat cravings for sure.

So, it’s very simple – lower number of cigarettes, than turn to much weaker cigs and you will get rid of the habit without any unwanted consequences.