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Slim cigarette smokers are not subjected to more dangerous substances

January 14th, 2016 00:00

Slim cigarettes smokers are at no higher risk of exposure to dangerous substances than those people who smoke regular cigarettes, according to a current review.

Researchers from British American Tobacco identified that exposure to tar was lower for slim cigarettes smokers than of regular cigarettes ones. Equally, exposure to nicotine was lower. Slim cigarettes are a more and more popular kind of cigarette in many countries all over the world.

Preceding reviews have proven that the amounts of certain toxic substances in the smoke of slim cigarettes are lower than those in regular cigarettes. Nevertheless, because lower levels of chemicals in the smoke are not actually associated with a lowered exposure to dangerous substances, worries had been grown about whether or not smokers of these cigarettes are at a higher health threat than those who smoke regular cigarettes.

Slim Cigarettes Smoking

To figure out the substance exposure to smokers of slim cigarettes, the study group carried out a research in Russia, where slim cigarettes are widely used.

The research team listed 360 smokers of regular and slim cigarettes and their exposure to tar and nicotine were tested. This was done using a cutting-edge method that involves calculating levels of substances in the smokers’ used cigarette filters.

Madeleine Ashley, major researcher of the review, said that distinctions in the size of the puffs that the smokers of slim cigarettes got may clarify the lower exposure to tar and nicotine. Ashley further stated that “this is likely to be caused by the reduced area of slim cigarettes, making it more difficult to draw on.”

Ian Fearon, Principal Scientist at British American Tobacco, said that on the other hand, we can believe, according to our present results, that smokers of slim cigarettes are at no higher risk of exposure to smoke substances than regular cigarette smokers.