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Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarette brand is a very popular tobacco product made by TUTUN-CTC, a famous tobacco company from the Republic of Moldova. Cosmos was one of the first brands launched by the company after it was established in 1979. Ever since its introduction to the domestic market, the popularity of Cosmos brand among adult cigarette-lovers has been growing constantly.

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes are produced from the finest sorts of Oriental tobacco imported from African countries, blended with locally grown tobaccos. In order to enhance the taste properties and quality characteristics the manufacturer of Cosmos applied an advanced system of tobacco processing developed by tobacco industry scientists.

TUTUN-CTC expert team also did their best to find the one-of-a kind aroma for these cigarettes. They added natural aromatizers providing honey aroma which superbly matches the natural tobacco flavor and contributes to a more intense oriental taste of Cosmos cigarettes.

During the production of Cosmos brand the manufacturer used the latest technologies of tobacco selection, and blending which are also applied by the world’s largest cigarette-makers. In addition, they equipped Cosmos cigarettes with advanced mono-acetate filter technology that is more efficient at reducing the penetration of tar and chemicals.

This thorough approach to production of these cigarettes gave Cosmos brand its elite quality together with rich and bold taste which will delight adult smokers who are used to having stronger puff. This brand is especially popular in the domestic market and in great demand in the neighboring countries.

Cosmos brand comprises 16mg of tar and 1.2mg of nicotine, and is a king-size cig of 84 mm. This tobacco product has a invigorating taste, smooth aroma and supreme quality that makes smoking a unique experience. Cosmos is a great find for cigarette-lovers who love authentic and strong smoke for less.

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