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How to place an order at

Access the website and select brand you are willing to purchase. Then, click the “Buy now” button to get the brand to the shopping cart. Put the number of cartons you are willing to purchase and click “update cart” to have the total price. After that click “Confirm order”. In case you are willing to buy different brands then click “Continue Shopping” and repeat these steps.

Once you click “Confirm Order” button you get redirected to the Account Access. Create an account using a valid e-mail, or log in if you are already a registered member. Make sure you are using a valid e-mail, since all notifications and order information will be sent there.

After that you are directed to the Shipping and Billing section where you have enter all the required personal information and click “Submit” button.

Then you are taken to the Secure Checkout Server where you shall put your payment card information. After that, click “Purchase”.

After a short period of time you will receive Order Status Notification Letter, certifying that the order went through and is authorized and subsequent Order Shipment Confirmation.

I have not received an Order Status Notification. What should I do?

In the event you have not received the order status notification, please check your spam box, as sometimes e-mail domains reject messages from unknown senders or mark them as spam.

Please contact the Customer Service Center to check the order status and the e-mail you indicated as the log-in, as you could make an error in it.

The order was declined. What is wrong?

The orders are usually declined due to one of the reasons indicated below:

  • The card you are using for the purchase has expired, or is invalid, or you simply made a mistake while filling the required information.
  • The type of the card you are using is not accepted by the system (For now we accept Bitcoins only).
  • Your card issuer rejected the transaction as a means of precaution.
  • Technical problem; etc In any even, we kindly ask you to contact the Customer Service Department so that we could help you.
Do you have an option to place an order by phone?

Unfortunately, currently we do not accept phone or fax orders.

Do you have an auto-delivery option?

Unfortunately this option was prohibited by Visa.

Where can you ship the orders?

We are able to ship the orders to any location across the USA, and also to several European countries. We do not ship orders to Italy, The UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

What means of payment do you have?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or money transfer.

Can I cancel the order?

If you are willing to cancel the order, please contact the Customer Service Center within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order; the order will be canceled and the refund is issued.

How many cartons can I order at once?

We don’t have a maximal amount of cartons to be ordered at once, so you can order as many cartons as you need for personal consumption. However, we advice our first-time customers to order not more than 10 cartons at once.

What is the status of my order?

Shortly after the order was placed you will receive messages from us confirming the order’s authorization and after a while, its shipment. In addition, you are welcomed to contact the Customer Services Center whenever any kind of assistance is needed.

What is the estimated Time of Arrival?

The average time of arrival is 16-30 days from the shipping date. In the event you have not received the order within this period, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Center by e-mail, indicating the number of the order, which is missing.

What is the shipping rate?

The shipping rate is flat at $11.90 per carton.

Can you package my order in one big box, so I save on shipping?

Unfortunately, we can only pack the order in packages by 1-3 carton, because it is the maximal amount allowed by the Customs.

I have not received a part of the order, what is wrong?

The orders are usually shipped at once. In case the order is large, we divide it in more than one package, but ship the packages on the same day. However, sometimes the packages are delayed during transit, and arrive within several days between each other.

What is the country of origin of the products available at

The tobacco products selling at the website here are produced by legal and official tobacco companies through their manufacturing units located in Europe, in accordance with all quality and standards adopted in that region. For more information, please contact the Customer Service Center.

Do you disclose personal information of the customers?

We do not trade, sell, disclose or otherwise give the personal information to any third party. The required information is only used for the processing, and shipping objectives only.

What should I do if I have not received the order or it came damaged/ incorrect? guarantees full refund of the payment for the order or the re-shipment of the lost/ damaged/ incorrect products, at no charge. In case you prefer to get your funds back please contact us, and we will reimburse your account as soon as possible. Please, do NOT cancel the payment through your bank.

How can I get in touch with your Customer Service Center?

You may contact our Customer Service Center by phone or by e-mail, which can be found in the Contact Us page. Please, indicate the description of the issue and the number of the order if you are already a customer.

Will you enlarge the current assortment or brands in the future?

Yes, is trying to introduce new products as often as possible.