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  • Fluieras
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Fluieras cigarettes

Fluieras brand was developed and launched in Moldovan market almost 30 years ago, aimed at adult cigarette smokers, wanting a low-cost tobacco product of nice quality and pleasant flavor. Fluieras cigarettes brand lived up to all these expectations, and rapidly gained its reputation among smokers from Moldova and neighboring countries.

Fluieras cigarette brand

Fluieras cigarettes are produced by TUTUN-CTC, a prominent cigarette company, based in Moldova. Besides Fluires, its flagship brands are Doina, Temp, Nistru and others.

Being an iconic brand, Fluieras was not affected by any changes in both tobacco formula and pack design for nearly 2 decades, before the manufacturer decided to modify the brand so that it could compete in the international market.

Thus, the company began innovating the brand, with the help of several well-known European companies. First, they have modified tobacco production process and added Burley tobacco to Fluieras tobacco brand to make the flavor even bolder and richer.

Then, in cooperation wit Lehman Advertising Company, they have developed a vivid red catchy pack for Fluieras cigarettes, with an authentic image on it. This image is symbolizing the nature of the brand as well as its name, as Fluieras means flute in Romanian.

The flavor of Fluieras cigarettes was changed as well, as the experts have added honey and cinnamon aromatizing agents which provide an alluring spicy note to the base composition and contribute to an invigorating taste.

Finally, the manufacturer has modified the filter systems in Fluieras cigarettes, with the help of London-based Filtrona International Ltd, a leading company in cigarette filters’ production, and equipped Fluieras smokes with efficient mono-acetate filters.

These modifications paid off, as the quality and taste characteristics of discount Fluieras cigarettes improved significantly and have gained trust of many smokers from various countries.

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