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  • Leana Non-Filter cigarettes pack
  • Leana Non-Filter
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $14.95
    • $11.96
    • per carton

Leana cigarettes

Although most smokers prefer filtered cigarettes today, which offer a milder smoking experience, still there are many tobacco-lovers are loyal to good old non-filtered cigarettes providing the original taste of natural tobacco, not spoiled by the chemicals and aromatizing agents.

Nevertheless, it might be difficult to find a nice quality non-filtered cig in online tobacco stores, that is why CigarettesTime.Com is delighted to offer a magnificent non-filtered brand, Leana, which is probably the best non-filtered cigarette brand selling at our tax-free cigarette store.

Leana non-filtered cigarettes

Leana is product of TUTUN-CTC, a well-known tobacco firm based in Moldova and distinguished by numerous awards the company gained for the superb quality of its products, such as Nistru, Doina, and Fluiras.

The superior quality of Leana cigarettes is achieved with the usage of finely milled aromatic tobaccos cultivated in Turkey and Moldova.

The unique tobacco blend of Leana cigarettes provides an amazingly rich taste and bracing flavor.

Leana cigarettes belong to Oriental blend, having a sweetish-spicy flavor and pleasing smell. These 70-mm-long cigarettes come in soft packs, with a pacifying picture of a small boat.

Leana cigarettes brand is a superb choice for those smokers who can appreciate the real value of strong smoke, invigorating taste and great quality, which turn the process of smoking Leana cigarettes into an enjoyable experience.

It’s not a surprise that Leana cigarettes are very popular among adult smokers, especially those who are looking for an excellent quality non-filtered cigarette at a discount price. So, if you believe that only non-filtered cigarettes might give that inimitable flavor of natural tobacco, you can visit our discount cigarette store, and purchase tax-free Leana cigarettes and get them delivered to your doorstep.