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Lucky Strike cigarettes

Founded in 1871 as a loose tobacco brand, Lucky Strike evolved to become one of the most popular and legendary cigarette brands in the history of tobacco industry. Although this premium brand needs no advertisement, since adult smokers know it very well, still we can’t avoid mentioning some facts about the rich heritage of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

Lucky Strike cigarette ad

Lucky Strike brand was initially manufactured in the USA by American Tobacco Company, and was one of the major competitors of then-leading Camel brand. In the 1920, the manufacturer re-launched the brand to be intended for female-smokers and introduced a national advertising campaign under the famous slogan “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet”, which led to astonishing 300% sales growth. Lucky Strike took over Camel to become the nation’s leading brand.

Though Lucky Strike filtered cigarettes were very popular for many decades, their owner, Reynolds American, decided to discontinue the brand, keeping only non-filter styles, in order to focus on other brands.

However, the brand continues to receive marketing support outside of the United States, being one of the global growth brands for British American Tobacco. So, this premium tobacco product can be found in more than 100 markets across the world, where it is among the best-sellers and millions of tobacco lovers across the world can enjoy the inimitable taste and rich flavor of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

In addition, British American Tobacco experts developed an efficient filter system for Lucky Strike cigarette brand and changed tobacco formula making the flavor of these cigarettes even more bold and bracing.

According to the market reports, Lucky Strike continues to increase its market share in the international tobacco market, which is yet another proof that this flagship superb brand is worth to be tried.

Today is proud to offer tax-free Lucky Strike cigarette brands to all the adult smokers who prefer premium quality and superior flavor.