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  • MT
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $23.41
    • $18.73
    • per carton

MT cigarettes

MT brand was launched in 1990 being a cigarette intended for middle-income adult tobacco-lovers who are looking to pay less for their cigarettes, but still get a great-quality full flavor smoke.

MT cigarette brand is produced by TUTUN-CTC, a recognized cigarette maker, based in the Republic of Moldova, which also markets such amazing tobacco products as Doina, Cosmos and Fluieras, well-known to many smokers across European Union.

MT king size cigarettes

MT cigarettes are produced from high quality Burley and Virginia tobaccos, cultivated in Bulgaria, Moldova and Turkey. With an objective of improving the flavor characteristics of the cigarettes, the manufacturer’s experts added specifically-processed tobacco leaf veins and reconstituted tobacco to the base of tobacco composition of MT cigarettes, making the taste more bold and intense. After that tobacco was blended with natural aromatizing agents to provide bracing flavor and aftertaste.

The latter processes carried out by the TUTUN-CTC scientists seeking to develop a high quality tobacco product repaid, as MT ciarette brand has obtained a great reputation among adult smokers in both local tobacco market and in neighboring countries as well. MT represents middle-aromatized full-flavored cigarettes of American blend.

Moreover, the makers of MT cigarettes have also taken into consideration the relevance of effective filter systems in cigarettes, so that the harm produced by smoking could be diminished. Thus, since 2008 MT cigarettes are equipped with innovative and very efficient effective mono-acetate, ventilated filters.

All these features allow MT cigarettes to comply with international standards on nicotine amounts, and have even provide the same quantity of nicotine and tar as the iconic Marlboro brand.

Therefore, cast away your doubts; visit and buy tax-free MT cigarette brand for the lowest-possible price and enjoy this low-cost but great quality smoke.