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Duty free Plai cigarettes - $14.49 per carton. Prompt shipping all over the USA!

  • Plai cigarettes pack
  • Plai
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $15.69
    • $12.55
    • per carton

Plai cigarettes

Are you looking for a cigarette brand to offer a stronger smoke than any known brand? A cigarette providing an invigorating flavor which will satisfy the requirements of true men… Well, Plai cigarette brand is definitely for you, then.

This country-style cigarette brand is manufactured the prominent Moldovan cigarette maker, TUTUN-CTC, which obtained magnificent reputation among tobacco consumers who like great quality of the company’s products and their affordable price.

Plai cigarette pack

The name of these generic cigarettes is translated from Romanian as “motherland”, symbolizing the proximity to nature and natural products used in production of these cigarettes.

When opening the pack of Plai cigarettes you would definitely be charmed by the bold and rich smell that will provide thrilling sensations.

However, the best part of these cigarettes is inside the pack. Simply light up Plai cigarette and enjoy the whole new world of pleasure from the magnificent flavor of original tobacco blend found in every cigarette from the very first puff.

Plai cigarette brand will take you back to the good old 1960s, when products were more natural and life was much easier. The genuine tobacco blend of Plai cigarettes can not be related to any other cigarette offered at

Plai cigarettes are produced of Oriental tobaccos cultivated in Turkey and processed in a special way to preserve its natural aroma.

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