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Virginia cigarettes

Virginia slims vintage poster

The brand of Virginia was established in 1968 and belongs to one of the largest tobacco companies Philip Morris Inc. The brand was developed and directed toward young and business ladies, and the striking slogan of Virginia may serve to show that directive:

  • It’s Slim…
  • You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
  • It’s a Woman Thing
  • Find Your Voice

The diameter of Virginia Slims cigarettes is smaller then the regular cigarettes of the same format, which does not only grant them a particular elegance, but also promotes lesser smoke discharge during the process of smoking.

For a rather long history of this brand, their commercials and publicity campaigns featured many models and actresses. Virginia Slims mark sponsored women’s tennis competitions, which largely promoted the development of the Women’s Tennis Association in the 1970s and 1980s.

Not so far ago Virginia Slims has made their adherents glad by releasing Virginia Slims Uno onto the market. The cigarettes are produced in a package of ideal format, which is represented by two color options – white and black. The packaging is very slim and miniature even, which makes it fit into women’s accessories.

The main ideas of the campaign have been renewal, freshness and creativity: “The creative hint is every woman now. By understanding the multifacetedness of the women’s individuality, Virginia Slims grants smokers of the full legal age one more opportunity to express themselves, calls them not to just follow fashionable trends, but rather, being inspired by those, create their own style. The new mild taste with pleasant light nuances, the new juicy colors employed in the packaging, the new logo design and the new way of writing their trade mark – all these features speak of the relevance and freshness”.

Virginia super slims poster

Today the assortment of Virginia is represented by the following articles:

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby